Date of birth: 12.7.2020
Pedigree name: Luna Rising Star Zasadkowe Bory
Hips: A
Eyes: clear, gonio: grade 2 (January 2024, July 2021)
Genetic tests: FN, PFKD, Fucosidosis, AMS, PRA-Cord1, DM: all clear
DAMS: carrier
Achievements: JCH SI, SHOW CH SI, AUT CH, BBH exam, Rally Obedience 1

Sieger’s Walk on The Wild Side x Piece of Gold Venandi Peritus

Luna is very cute, calm (lazy?- she can “rest” whole day) and nonproblematic girl, who shows her strong will in other our dogs’ company- all toys are hers. But she accepts other dogs (she mostly ignores them). She is also very teachable, we trained agility a little but since she is very lazy, we switched to Rally Obedience.


Date of birth: 26.12.2022
Pedigree name: Larsman Bean
Hips: A
Eyes: clear, gonio: grade 0 (January 2024)
Genetic tests: FN, PFKD, Fucosidosis, AMS, DAMS, PRA-Cord1, DM: all clear
Achievements: Slovenian Hope, AUT JCH

Dowiti’s Ice Age x Luna Rising Star Zasadkowe Bory

Bean is Luna’s son from her first litter with Edwin. He is a very good and quite calm boy. We started with mantrailing trainings.


Date of birth: 19.01.2018
Pedigree name: Sporty Springers Running Wild
Hips: A
Eyes: Clear, gonio: grade 0 (August 2021)
Achievements: SI JCH, HR JCH, SI Show CH, BBH exam, Rally Obedience 4

Lizziardhs Laphroaig x Sporty Springers Nangilima

Kira enjoys a variety of sports activities: obedience, retrieving, running, swimming, hiking. Se likes to play with toys, especially those that make sound, and brings them to the owner with the greatest enthusiasm. She likes to be in the centre of attention and loves long walks in our company. We compete in Rally Obedience, the hardest task is to lay down and stay still.


Date of birth: 22.01.2020
Pedigree name: Larsman Aladdin’s Lamp
Hips: A
Eyes: clear, gonio: grade 1 (August 2021)
Achievements: BBH exam, BGH1 exam

Colepepper’s Fallen Angel x Sporty Springers Running Wild

Aladin is Kira’s son from her litter with Baal. He is a very lively dog, with the most difficult character of our dogs, but very talented. He also loves all kinds of activities and attention. We trained agility. Now we train obedience and canicross.

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