The kennel Larsman

The kennel Larsman was founded in 2018 and is registered at the Kennel Club of Slovenia, which is a member of the International cynological organization FCI. We are located in Suha krajina region, 45 km south of Ljubljana. The first dog that came into our family, whippet Lars, brought a lot of happiness in our family, and we also named the kennel after him. The first English spring spaniel female, Kira, joined us in 2018. Kira enjoys various canine sports, such as rally obedience, dummy training, canicross and she also loves swimming.

Kira’s wonderful character convinced us that English springer spaniel is indeed a truly ideal companion dog, as it is extremely loyal to its owner and wants to be in their’s company all the time. We learned that english springer spaniels are very versatile dog breed appropriate for different dog sports and can easily be pretty good in them. That’s why we decided to have and also breed this wonderful breed of dog.

Rally obedience training.
Kira and Aladin.

About the breed English springer spaniel

English springer spaniels have a very cheerful and lively character. They are extremely intelligent and energetic and therefore need good socialisation. They love children and get along well with other dog breeds. After they get to know other dogs, they mostly ignore them. They want to be with the owner all the time, and do not like to be alone. They need daily exercise and attention so that they are especially suitable for active families. They enjoy all activities where they can cooperate with their owner.

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